The Mozaic World Cup Foosball Box | 2014
To prevent the top Mozaic TV customers to subscribe to beIN Sports, and to upgrade to the World Cup package through their existing Mozaic TV services, we redesigned the receiver box and sent it to the targeted customers.
In Qatar, the well-known beIN Sports had exclusive rights to broadcast the World Cup, falsely leading many to believe that they could only watch the matches through them. When in reality, they could also watch them on Mozaic TV at no extra cost when upgrading to the World Cup package. 
To get our football-crazy VIP customers to upgrade to the World Cup package and not switch to beIN, the more obvious choice. 
We reinvented the Mozaic setup box by literally packing it with football entertainment, and sent it to our VIP customers as direct mail. Once opened, it transformed into a classic game of foosball where people could pick their teams and challenge friends.
98% of those who received the box called back, and 92% of them subscribed to the World Cup package. Less than 1% switched to the beIN setup box.

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