Transformers film launch on Mozaic Go app | 2014
To push more people to watch movies on its Go app, we created this special print execution to push people to experience an effortless mobile movies experience.
Mozaic GO is an app that brings  the best of movies and TV shows to mobile phones in Qatar. 
Nowadays, people are almost always multi-tasking or on the go. Even when they're at home. 
From an extensive movie list, Mozaic GO is premiering the latest Transformers movie for free.
To take advantage of the offer and insight, we created a special magazine ad where people could transform it into their own mobile stand, and enjoy movies from the comfort of pretty much anywhere.
Over 1200 app downloads and 700 logins the week the ad launched, compared to the previous average of 400 app downloads and 90 logins per week. That's a 270% increase in app downloads and a 744% increase in app logins, a truly 'transformable' difference that proved instant, practical success.  

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