Pressto True Football Colors | 2014
To take advantage of the hype surrounding the world cup and connect to Pressto, a leading laundry in Qatar, football passionate customers, we created the Pressto True World Cup Colors reference book.
It reminded its customers on the importance of staying true to one's team colors, and showcases the care we put in keeping customer's garments as good as new.
The main way to differentiate fans during the World Cup is by their jersey colors. But jerseys get abused between matches, celebrations and washing them over and over again. Colors fade and team colors end up being the wrong shade.Or worse, the wrong team.
The World Cup is a great once-every-four-years opportunity to associate Pressto, a premium dry cleaning chain in Qatar, with the excitement of the game and more importantly, the fans.

Position Pressto as the ultimate color protector in Qatar. How? By creating a football color guide of team swatches to allow fans to compare and keep their jersey colors right, bright and true... through Pressto.
Our football color guide generated buzz through word-of-mouth and reinforced customer loyalty, including an 18% increase in customer base. The guide wasn't just a color swatch, it became solid proof that Pressto truly is the ultimate color protector in Qatar.

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