Ooredoo Group Stand For Good | 2016
Ooredoo Group wanted its partnership with football legend Lionel Messi to mean more than a simple sponsorship. Being a leader in telecom in 10 different markets, Ooredoo is strongly committed to its CSR programs and saw an opportunity to connect to their customers across their global footprint.
So we created a game that would both engage and educate customers on Ooredoo’s social engagements, and encourage them to make a commitment of their own. By using data for good, we showed how gamification can help a cause. Taking a virtual stance to defend something you believe in. And the results were amazing.
Connecting Ooredoo with the real lives of local its communities across markets.
Ooredoo, a new telco brand was launched and replaced multiple incumbent brands across 10 markets spanning from Algeria to Indonesia. For consumers, beloved brands were replaced by a global brand, stranger to their market and local community. While TV advertising can help awareness, how can Ooredoo connect with the real lives of local communities? Fortunately, Ooredoo, had 30 “Human Growth” initiatives running in 10 different markets from assisting refugees in Iraq, to empowering women in Qatar and Oman, to healthcare in Indonesia.
We used a simple game mechanic to get the public to recognize these good causes and “stand up” for them. Integrating with the Ooredoo TVC starring Lionel Messi, STAND FOR GOOD linked defending a football pitch to defending a good cause by asking people to select one of 5 causes they wanted to stand for. With one objective; to capture a virtual pitch online and hold it for 12 hours against challenges from others players. For every minute they played, Ooredoo amplified their efforts. And by holding a pitch for 12 hours they get to win the chance to meet Lionel Messi in Barcelona.
Running through March and April 2016 Stand for Good generated 15,840 hours of interaction, or 660 days of playing. This translated into direct funding for our 30 projects, from female adult literacy to mobile health clinics treating over 765,000 patients. 
14,000 players registered making 700,000 website visits with people standing for good. Over the previous year’s activity, Facebook fans increased by 42%, Instagram participation increased 110% while mobile reach increased 52%. And 4 lucky players got to say hello to Messi and cheer him on in Barcelona.

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