Ferrero Rocher Ramadan Campaign (new positioning)  | 2018
Ferrero Rocher is a brand that has been synonomous with luxury for many years. While this allowed it to create a clear differentiation globally, as a self-indulging praline, it lacked on relevancy in the region where sweets are mainly used in hosting occasions.
And when it comes to hosting, nothing matches the month of Ramadan. Not only because it is a critical month for sales across all the brands in the region; but because it is a month with hosting at its core. 
Creating relevance for Ferrero Rocher during the hosting occasions in the month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.
Ferrero Rocher performs wonderfully during Eid. But Ramadan, not so much. Being a season associated with traditional sweets, there was no place for a premium praline.
So, how could we uplift sales earlier in Ramadan and sustain it through until Eid?
By finding a natural role for the premium praline to play in a traditional Ramadan routine. Instead of competing for a spot during Iftar, serving Rocher with coffee after the meal was the perfect moment to help hosts make their guests feel special. 
Ramadan is one of the most precious occasions in the Muslim calendar, a time when families and friends gather together and many evenings are spent visiting other people’s homes. Hosts want their guests to feel special and often worry  if they are doing enough or not. They want to do right by their guests so they always  look for ways to show their loved ones how important they are. 
There is even a saying in Arabic: "Nothing is enough for those precious to us".
Although nothing is enough for our loved ones, Ferrero Rocher provides that extra level of effort  and care which shows them how precious they are. In each gathering, there is always someone who is more precious, but a hostess wants to make sure everyone that comes to her house feels cherished, as if they are special. #ForThoseWeCherish
The campaign resonated well with our target audience, creating a positive impact on brand image associations that translated into early sales in Ramadan, ahead of our Eid peak. 

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