Ferrero Rocher Mother's Day – A Heart of Gold | 2018
Mothers hold a very special place in the hearts of people in the GCC, and Mother’s Day in particular is an especially important and meaningful day in the region. It’s also a day where hundreds of brands compete to be top-of-mind when it comes to gifting. So how do we make Ferrero Rocher stand out on Mother’s Day?
We used Ferrero Rocher’s iconic golden foil to create stunning and unique portraits of Mothers, showing them how precious and dear they truly are.
A social activation encouraged people to share what their mothers mean to them. Ten winners received one-of-a-kind portraits to gift their mother on Mother’s Day. Each artwork was handcrafted by a highly-skilled artist using Ferrero Rocher’s iconic golden foil, while a selection of these portraits was curated for a pop-up exhibition in a public space.
The results were more than just pictures, they were works of art like no other, capturing both the preciousness of motherhood and the DNA of Ferrero Rocher.
• 120% Volume Growth • 3 Million Engagements • 12.45% Engagement Rate 

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