Kinder is a known brand in the region but has no relevance in Ramadan. A month that shows a great pike in chocolate and sweets consumption.
Keeping in mind that Kinder is a non traditional brand, we look at how we can create relevance in the most important month in the Muslim calendar.  A month that focuses on values and traditions.
We created a digital platform: "Growing Bigger Hearts" where we supported mums in their role as the main teacher of customs and traditions to their kids.
The platform “Growing Bigger Hearts” was the first Ramadan campaign for kinder and was adopted in many different Muslim markets.
Our hero, an animated character of a little girl named Qamar, adventures were made available to mums so that they share them with their kids. 
Using the power of story telling to share values and our special Ramadan collection to reward kids for their good behaviour. 

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